Tofurollen in den Teigmantel einwickeln und in dem Moment, wenn sie aus der Pfanne kommen, zu einem köstlichen Gericht werden

Tofu is a protein-rich food, and today I'm sharing a new way to enjoy it that is both delicious and nutritious. Here are the steps to make tofu rolls:

Prepare 600 grams of medium gluten flour and add 3 grams of yeast and 3 grams of baking powder. If the weather is cooler, you can add some granulated sugar to promote yeast fermentation. You can also add a spoonful of lard to make the dough whiter and softer.

Gradually add warm water at around 40 degrees Celsius to the flour. Add the water in small amounts multiple times, approximately in a ratio of half a pound of water to the flour.

Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and soft. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it ferment in a sealed place for about 20 minutes.

Prepare around three kilograms of tofu, wash it thoroughly, and cut it into small granules. Add salt and Chinese thirteen-spice powder or five-spice powder to the tofu and mix well.

Prepare four to five eggs, add cooking wine and beat them. Pour the beaten eggs into the tofu and mix well with a small spoon.

Heat a pan, add an appropriate amount of oil, pour in the tofu and egg mixture, and stir-fry until the tofu becomes dry. Add white sesame seeds and continue to stir-fry for a while. Let it cool and set aside.

Roll out the fermented dough into a rectangular-shaped thin dough. Spread the stir-fried tofu evenly on the dough, leaving a blank edge.

Starting from one end, roll up the tofu, keeping it slightly loose. Cut it into small sections about three centimeters long. You can choose to pan-fry them in a flat pan, cook them on an electric griddle, or steam them in a steamer.

Prepare the seasoning sauce, such as chopped scallions, braised soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken powder, five-spice powder, salt, granulated sugar, white pepper powder, Sichuan pepper powder, and concentrated ginger juice. Mix the seasoning sauce well and add it to the cooled tofu rolls along with some chopped scallions.